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How to turn your work into a workout!

Work takes up so many hours of our everyday lives, not to mention the work most of us with families have once we get home.  The cooking, the cleaning, the getting the children clean and ready for bed, the checking of the homework, the quality time with the spouse...

It's A LOT!

I hear so many people say, "I don't have time to work out."  Heck I've said it more times than I can count!  lol

The good news is, I've learned how to sneak exercise into every job I have ever had and I want to share some of them with you.

1) The Grocery Store Job

In my teen years I worked as a courtesy clerk at Ralph's Supermarket.  If you live on the West Coast like me, you know all about Ralph's.  Besides bagging groceries, helping customers find items on our shelves, doing price checks for our cashiers and writing rain checks for customers, one of my jobs was to get in that parking lot and round up grocery carts.

Yep.  That was me!

I always loved that part of the job becaus…

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