Saturday, July 30, 2011

Romantic Gesture~ Recipe: Chocolate Lover's Mousse

This is a great treat for you and the one you love!  Enjoy!

Wishing you success in Love and Life, 
Monique Bradford  ~The WifeyMommyPreneur

1 teaspoon unflavored gelatin, 1 tablespoon cold water, 2 tablespoons boiling water, 1/2 cup sugar, 1/4 cup cocoa,
1 cup whipping cream, 1 teaspoon vanilla extract, shaved chocolate
In a small bowl sprinkle the gelatin over the cold water and let stand 1 minute.
Add the boiling water and stir until gelatin is dissolved.
In a separate bowl stir together the sugar, cocoa, whipping cream, and vanilla.
Beat on medium speed of an electric mixer, scraping the bottom of the bowl occasionally, until the mixture is stiff.
Add the gelatin mixture and beat until well blended.
Spoon into dessert dishes or champagne glasses.
Sprinkle with shaved chocolate.
Chill 1 hour before serving.

Sri Lanka's Killing Fields by Channel 4 [Full video]

This is the kind of stuff that makes me, as a mother want to go get my daughter out of her bed and hold her as she sleeps...Makes me, as a wife want to tell and show my husband how much I love him. Makes me, as a daughter and grand-daughter want to call my Mother, Father and Grandparents and say"I love you and thank you for all you've done for me". Makes me, as a sister want to call my brothers and sister and let them know how much I love them and I'm so glad that we're related!  Makes me, as a friend want you to know that I appreciate your friendship and may the Lord Bless you and your families!  

Appreciate Life and Those Who Love You!

Monique Bradford ~The WifeyMommyPreneur

Friday, July 29, 2011

Wibiya: Free Web Toolbar For Your Blog or Website

I found yet another cool tool to enhance your blog.  It's free and very easy to install.  You'll see the Wibiya toolbar at the bottom of my blog.  Isn't it cool?

What is Wibiya:

Boost your blog or website with rich and interactive features!
*No coding necessary
*Add it in two seconds
*Totally Free web applications!

Integrate Facebook and Twitter Toolbar Applications into Your Website!
*Readers can tweet, write on your facebook fan page and share content without leaving your website.
*Enjoy the full twitter experience including search, latest tweets, tweets for each page and more.
* Add Facebook toolbar applications and stream traffic from your fan page to your website and back again.

Increase Page Views and Traffic!
*Generate more page views using webs applications such as Latest Posts, Real Time Users and more...
*Promote your content using 3D Galleries, Games, Live Broadcasting, and other fantastic toolbar applications.
*Track your traffic growth, sources and trends with easy to use analytics.

Communicate with your readers - Make your website interactive!
*Broadcast messages, notifications and alerts in real time.
*Share all your tweets with your readers.
*Participate in live chat rooms using unique toolbar applications.

Powerful Web Applications!
*Discover a growing variety of web applications that will enhance your readers experience.
*Enjoy a full tracking and management system for each web application.
*Add and remove web applications with one simple click.

If I were you... I would get it now!  :)

Wishing you success in Love and Life!

Monique Bradford ~The WifeyMommyPreneur


Makeup: How To Get Kissable Lips!

I wanna give a big shout out to my friends MAKEUP ARTIST on Facebook!  They always give great makeup tips!  For more tips like this one, you can add them to your FB circle of friends HERE!

Quick Steps to Kissable Lips -:

How to Get Kissable Lips. The most kissable lips are smooth and sweet, not dry, chapped and tense. Want extra smoochable lips this season? Of course you do. Here’s how to get them, on the quick! 

# Step 1. Prepare your lips by using warm water, a wash cloth and a lip mask (like this one from Mary Kay) or another safe, grainy cleanser. Apply the mask or cleanser directly to moist lips. Allow to set while you prepare the warm cloth. Rub the mask/cleanser off by using circular motions. This will help work most of the dead, dry skin off, revealing smoother, plumper lips. This step should be done once or twice per week.

# Step 2. Slick on a lip balm with SPF. Choose something that is moisturizing, but not greasy. Vaseline is great for night, but is a disaster under lipstick. Allow balm to set on lips for several minutes, if possible.

# Step 3. Line lips. Choose a liner two shades or so darker than your lipstick, and trace your natural lipline, paying special attention to your Cupid’s Bow (the “V” part of your top lip). Once lips are lined, color in the remainder of the lip with the liner as well. This gives a nice base color in case your lipstick later does the slide.

# Step 4. Add color. Now it’s time to slather on your lipstick. After your first coat, grab a lint-free tissue and blot by placing the tissue between your upper and lover lips, and pressing down. Next, swipe on another coat. If possible, separate a 2-ply tissue so it’s one-ply, then place the tissue gently over lips and dab with loose powder. The tissue acts as a filter, allowing just enough of the powder to get through to set the lipstick without changing the lip’s color or texture.

# Step 5. Choose a gloss to highlight and plump. With gloss, you want to dab, rather than slick. A small dab of a shimmery or light-grabbing gloss in the center of your bottom lip will plump up your pout in an instant. That one small move adds dimension and a shot of light to your lips, drawing the eyes of you-know-who right where you want them.

# Step 6. Blot. Place your index finger between your lips and pucker up. See the lipstick left on your skin? That could’ve been on your teeth. Do it again, just to be safe.
So, that’s it. Remember to change up colors to suit your moods, but to also have one “constant” color in your purse or locker for emergencies. Investing in a lip mask is a great idea, but if Santa’s not springing this year, just be sure to work that warm wash cloth around your lips.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Marriage: Hey Baby... Are You "Happily" Married?

Being that I am a stay-at-home WifeyMommyPreneur, I spend a lot of time on Facebook and Twitter.  Mostly Facebook.  I have to admit that I am one of the people that actually replies to my IM's.  I feel bad if I don't at least say hello to one of my FB friends when they IM me.

Every now and then I will get a guy Instant Messaging me, asking, how my day is going, and what I do for a living.  Of course since I am an affiliate marketer I like to network with different people, so I entertain their seemingly innocent questions.  Then all of a sudden they start going into how they like the things that I post and how I'm so beautiful and finally they hit me with, "are you happily married?"  What?!  Are you not reading what I just posted about how much my husband rocks my world!?  How disrespectful!

But really, how can you blame them...  Yeah, you would think that being married would mean you're off limits and OFF THE MARKET, but it seems to me that dating a married man or woman is not unusual in the world we live in today.  I guess if you're not "happily" married then it's okay to step out and find someone that will make you happy.  What is the point of marriage if that's the way it goes?  Why not just stay single or get a divorce if you can't stay faithful?  

It really mind boggles me that people actually go through with a whole ceremony and say "I do" to all of the vows before God and then, when something is not going their way, they step out on their marriage.  That to me is just totally selfish, ESPECIALLY if you have children.

It's time to grow up people and honor your vows.  Whatever is going on in your marriage that has got you upset, can't be that bad... unless of course there is some abuse going on, of any kind!  If not, then you can work it out.  It's all about communication.  If you are having a problem... communicate it to your spouse, don't just sit there miserable and get so fed up that you feel the need to find someone else.  If you have to seek counseling.  Do whatever you have to do to fix what's wrong.  Isn't your marriage and family worth it?

And to all of you married people that are not listening to your spouse when they say they're having a problem, thinking that you have everything locked down... You better know that there is someone else ready and willing to fill the void.  They have no problem being that man or woman on the sideline, asking... "Are you happily married?"

To your success in Love and Life!

Monique Bradford ~The WifeyMommyPreneur

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Make Money Online: "Cash Crate" - Get Paid To Complete Offers Online

Today I was doing what I do best, browsing the internet looking for new ways to make money online.  I was successful!  I ran across  I signed up immediately, considering I have made money with other companies like this online.  They have some very good reviews and people on their website actually post pictures of the checks they receive from them.
CashCrate Facts:

**CashCrate has been around since 2006 and has over 2 million members worldwide. There are no fees to join, and they send out thousands of dollars in payments to their members every month. 

**Users who meet the minimum payout (only $20!) have their payments processed by the 20th of the following month. So, if you earn $250 in June, your payment will be sent in mid-July.

How can you earn the most money with CashCrate?

Doing offers, surveys, and shopping online are great ways to start earning money with CashCrate, but be sure to check their referral program as well. Some members are earning over $1,000 a month just by referring new users to their program.

How does the referral program work?

Referral Program Chart
The referral program has two levels. You get paid 20% of what your referrals make and 10% of what THEIR referrals make. As you refer more users to CashCrate, these levels increase until you're earning as much as 30% of your referral's earnings and 20% of their referral's earnings. Plus, get extra cash bonuses along the way! 

Sounds good to me!  I'm always down for more money!  To sign up with CashCrate Click HERE or by clicking on the banner below!

To your success in Making Money Online!

Monique Bradford ~The WifeyMommyPreneur

1 Simple PPC Tip: How To Write A Killer Ad!

Want to write killer PPC ads? 

Insider Tip: Write to elicit an emotional reaction from readers. Your click rate will sky rocket!

Much Success~
Monique Bradford  ~The WifeyMommyPreneur

**Want to become a PPC Pro?  Get the best training online from Google Certified Trainers!  

Rated #1 in PPC Training:

Monday, July 25, 2011

LinkWithin: Related Post Widget For Your Blog

This widget is SUPER EASY to install!  You don't even have to sign up.  You simply go to and enter your e-mail address, your blog link and your blogging platform (blogger, wordpress, typepad, or other) and Bam!  They give you the html code and EASY instructions on how to add the widget to your blog.

Simple Right?  :)

Wishing you Mo'Love, Mo'Peace and Mo'Money~
Monique Bradford ~The WifeyMommyPreneur

For More Information; the following is from!

"Show Related Stories Under Each Post!

LinkWithin is a blog widget that appears under each post, linking to related stories from your blog archive.

Don't Let Your Past Stories Go to Waste!

We retrieve and index all stories from your blog archive, not just recent stories, making them accessible to new or casual readers of your blog who would not otherwise encounter them.

Increase Pageviews, Keep Readers Engaged

The widget links to stories that are relevant and interesting to readers of a particular post, keeping them engaged with your blog, and increasing your traffic.

Elegant, Unobtrusive Design

Our widget is minimally styled and blends in with your site design.

Free and Easy to Install

The widget is free and ad-free. It takes a minute to get the widget up and running on your blog, no signup required!"

Stress: How It Affects You and Your Child

My husband went to check the mail this morning and my wonderful Mother-In-Law sent us a package filled with goodies!  I got new recipes, reading and coloring books for Lyrical, first-aide supplies and all kinds of other cool stuff!  I want to share with you some information on a flyer she sent from Children's Home Society of California about stress.....

Being a parent or caregiver can sometimes seem like an overwhelming responsibility, especially when you have to deal with everything else life brings.  While we're caring for our children, we are also fulfilling many other roles that can create stress at home, work and in other settings.  If not recognized and dealt with , stress can affect our physical, emotional, and mental health.  As a result, our family environment will be affected, especially our children.

"It is important to pay attention to your body to recognize signs of stress so you can take steps to respond in a healthy manner.  You may not be able to eliminate causes of stress, but you can reduce and manage it so you can function at your best for yourself and for your child."

*Causes Of Stress*
Stress can be caused by a variety of positive and negative factors or a combination of factors.  Some sources of stress are:
-The sickness or death of a loved one
-Hardships affecting family and friends
-Relationship trouble
-Loss of work
-A new job
-Balancing work and family
-A new baby
-Disciplining children
-Financial troubles
-Moving to a new home

*Effects of Stress*
Stress can affect you physically, emotionally, and mentally.  It may cause you to react to others and situations with less control than you normally would.  Listed below are some of the effects that stress may have on you and others.
-Lashing out at children
-Neglecting children
-Problems with relationships
-Difficulties at work
-Health problems
-Disorderly home environment
-Inability to concentrate

*Signs Of Stress*
Your body often tells you when you are under stress.  Pay attention to these signs, especially a combination of them.
-Back pain
-High blood pressure
-Frequent sickness
-Unusual weight loss/gain
-Frequent indigestion
-Feelings of depression
-Stomach aches
-Difficulty sleeping
-Feelings of anxiety
-Cold sores
-Overeating or undereating

*Reducing Stress*
The following suggestions may help to reduce the level of stress in your life.
-Exercise. (You can burn off chemicals that build up in your body during stress.)
-Eat healthy foods. (Avoid processed foods.  Eat less sugar and fatty foods and more vegetables, fruits, and whole-grain foods.)
Avoid caffeine (that's a hard one), drugs, and nicotine.
-Make time to get adequate sleep and rest. (Most adults need an average of eight hours of sleep per day.  Children need an average of 10 to 12 hours, depending on their age.)
-Find hobbies you enjoy.
-Get family members involved to help with responsibilities at home.
-Learn to say "no" when you have the option.
-Make a list of "things to do" to eliminate the clutter in your mind.
-Seek support from family and friends.
-Take time to take care of yourself.

**Focus On Children**
The manner in which you manage you own stress greatly influences your children's levels of stress and how they respond to it.

Try to establish a predictable routine for children to follow.  Observe regular times for homework, meals, play, quiet time, and sleep.

Pay attention to how children react during stressful times by listening to them and observing their body language and behavior.

To Learn More....

Books For Children
Getting Out Of A Stress Mess!
Michaelene Mundy, illustrated by R.W. Alley

Harriet, you'll Drive Me Wild!
Mem Fox, illustrated by Marla Frazee

Books For Adults
Becoming The Parent You Want To Be
Laura Davis and Janis Keyser

The Don't Sweat Guide For Parents
Don't Sweat Press, forward by Richard Carlson, Ph.D.

The American Academy Of Pediactrics
(847) 434-4000 or

Success Quote: Your True Potential

The potential of the average person is like a huge ocean unsailed, a new continent unexplored, a world of possibilities waiting to be released and channeled toward some great good.

~Brian Tracy

Friday, July 22, 2011

In Business: Excuses, Excuses! What Entrepreneurs Really Mean.

I just read a very entertaining article on, written by Stephanie Kaplan.  The title of the article is: The Secret Language Of Entrepreneurs: Entrepreneurese 101.  In the article Stephanie breaks down or decodes what entrepreneurs really mean when they say they things like, "Let's reschedule this for another time." or my absolute favorite, "I'm really swamped right now."

Here are a few straight from the article:

"Let's reschedule this for another time: I don't want to talk or meet with you and am trying to push it off as far as possible.
This week is crazy for a call, so why don't you just shoot me some ideas via email?:You are not worth taking the time for a phone call.
How's 5pm for our call/meeting?: Meeting/talking with you is not worth taking time out of my workday for."
As an entrepreneur myself, I know for a fact that we have a certain way of talking.  We tend to be people pleasers, because without the people we would essentially have no business.  We don't like to burn bridges and we never want to seem like we have no idea what we're doing.  We are all experts in our fields and everything is always A-OK! (Yeah, right!)

I can totally relate to this article and it actually made me laugh out loud!  You know what!?  I'm really swamped right now, so let me just go ahead and leave the link to the article for you to read it yourself!

Always wishing you Mo'Love, Mo'Peace and Mo'Money!

Monique Bradford  ~The WifeyMommyPreneur  


Respect My Grind! Honor My Work At Home Time.

To be able to work from home full-time is wonderful!  But there are times when you just want to scream out, "HELLO!!  I'm Working!  Can I get a little respect please?  Don't bother me!!"

The time is now 3:50am.  I have been up all night working.  It's sad that I have to find time to work in the middle of the night, because to be quite honest, it is extremely hard for me to get things done during the day!  And guess what... I was even interrupted while I was working late!  OMG!  That's what happens when you keep your Facebook Page open... Those damn IM's!   

I ran across a great article while I was "working" on about how to get people to honor your work hours.  Just because you're working from home, people tend to think you are always available.  I mean, it's not like you're trying to make a living or anything....

You tell your friends and family you work from home and you watch how much they call to talk or want hang out.  Take my advice... Set your boundaries right now!

Below is a copy of the article.  You can also read it and more HERE on their website.

Question: Are you having trouble getting it through to your friends and family that even though you're working from home, your still "working"?  Or have you set them straight and are now able to work in peace?  I've love to know what you do to put them in check!  :)  Leave me a comment and let's get the dialog going.

Always wishing you Mo' Love, Mo' Peace and Mo' Money!

Monique Bradford ~ The WifeyMommyPreneur

Getting People to Honor Your Work-at-Home Time

If you are new to freelancing and self-employment from home, you have probably already seen that friends and family can take advantage of your time. While we know it is rude, the fact is that because you are at home many people in your life will just assume that you are available and you can drop whatever you are doing to interact with them. You may find that your relatives or friends call you up during work hours and want to talk for hours, or they are dropping by your home with intentions of visiting and hanging out.
If you find either of these scenarios happening all too often in your life, here are some people-management tips that can help get things back on track for you:
Explain Your Work
Many people truly don’t grasp that in today’s society it is possible to work a full-time job from the comforts of your own home and that some of us can wear pajamas doing it. People who haven’t made the switch in their minds that income can be made without going into the office are often of the mindset that whatever we are doing from our home is a hobby and not true employment.
You really have no choice but to take the time to sit down with the people that are causing you consistent interruptions and explain your work to them. You can do this in an easygoing, non-offensive manner, but you need to get the point across that you are operating a business from your home and that you are the only employee. Tell them that you are going to start setting business hours and that you will be unavailable for hanging out and phone calls during those hours - barring some major event or natural disaster of course.
Set Your Hours 
One of the perks of working from home is that most jobs can be performed at any hour of the day or night, while some others are not. Although you may have flexibility at your disposal and you have the option of working when you want and taking a break when you want, you need to set-up some routine working hours that you can count on for uninterrupted work time. If you are interrupted during these hours, tell the offender you’re ‘not off’ work yet and to call back or come by later. Eventually your time-offenders will come to see that you really mean business and they’ll start honoring your work hours.
Dealing with Household Members
Sometimes it isn’t friends and extended family members who interrupt your work. It can be your partner or children who are not honoring your work time. If your work hours are during times when your family members are also at home, you should set-up a work area in your home. Ideally this should be a place where you can have a door that you can close to keep distractions and interruptions to a minimum. If you have young children in your home you may have to invest in childcare in or out of your home a few hours a week to allow yourself at least some alone working time. This is especially important if you have to make phone calls or take conference calls. No one wants to hear a screaming kid over a business call. It’s very unprofessional. If it’s your partner or older children who are interrupting your time, it’s time to sit down for a heart-to-heart talk and explain how difficult they are making your work life. Explain that if they can honor your work hours and stay out of your work space that you’ll finish your work up faster. And, the faster you finish, the faster you can give them your undivided attention.
Off Time
When you freelance or are self-employed from home it’s easy to let it monopolize your every waking hour, especially in the beginning as you learn to adjust yourself to the freedom of setting your own schedule and work pace. It’s easy to stay up late and work weekends.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

How Exercise Can Improve Your Sex Life!

With an active and busy lifestyle, sometimes improving our sex life becomes less of a priority than other tasks in our day. Things like exercise may seem more important, as the health and lifestyle benefits are crucial to our well-being. However, with exercise, your sex life can improve without any real extra effort from you. Exercise alone can provide benefits in the bedroom, and choosing the right exercises can improve things beyond your wildest dreams.

Better Self-Image
When you feel good about yourself, you naturally feel more sexually attracted to your mate. When your self-esteem is high, your inhibitions and self-consciousness seem to melt away and you will enjoy sex more. Exercise will improve the way you look and feel, so any amount of exercise will provide a boost to your self-image and, in turn, your sex life.
Greater Stamina
If your sexual fire seems to burn out just as things are starting to heat up in the bedroom, exercise can help you to stay in the game a bit longer. If your partner is looking for a marathon of romance but you just cannot keep up, exercise can help you to keep going strong. No matter who takes the lead in bed, a higher level of stamina can make your sex life much more interesting and satisfying. Aerobic and cardiovascular exercise programs are your best bet to increase your stamina.
Improved Flexibility
Having better flexibility speaks for itself in the bedroom. Imagine all the new and adventurous things that you could try with just a little more flexibility in your joints and muscles. Sex will be more comfortable and enjoyable when you can manipulate your body more easily. Stretching exercises, as well as some types of strength training can work to improve flexibility.
Higher Energy Level
Exercise is well-known for boosting the level of energy an individual has, and what better way to use that energy than in the bedroom? Those with busy and hectic lifestyles will find that they have more energy at the end of the day to devote to private time with their partner if they take the time to exercise and take care of themselves. No matter what type of exercise program you follow, any regular exercise will give you the extra energy you need.
Elevated Mood
For many, just getting in the mood for sex can be a struggle. When you are stressed or depressed, sex is usually the furthest thing from your mind. Those who take part in a regular exercise program find that their mood is improved and they have fewer issues with depression and stress. While every type of exercise can help to improve your mood, cardiovascular workouts are among the best for releasing endorphins.
Best Exercises for Better Sex
Beyond the general benefits of a regular exercise program and their positive effects in the bedroom, there are a few specific exercises and exercise styles that will have a great effect on your individual sexual experience. Try incorporating a few of these into your exercise routine and see how your sex life improves.
Kegel Exercises - These exercises help to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor and improve the female orgasm. They can be done at any time, throughout the day, without anyone being the wiser. Simply tighten the muscles of the pelvic floor, as if you were trying to hold your urine flow back. Keep them tightened for several seconds and then release.
Yoga and Pilates - In yoga and pilates, much focus is put on tightening the core muscles, which include the pelvic floor muscle group. As these muscles are strengthened, sex becomes more pleasurable than ever before. Additionally, breathing is also a very important part of these types of exercise, and bringing that aspect into the bedroom can also intensify your sexual experiences.
Dancing - Dancing is sensual and a wonderful prelude to sex. In particular, belly dancing and exotic dancing have become very popular forms of exercise for women. Not only do they provide wonderful fitness benefits, but they have many benefits in the bedroom, as well. Women can get in touch with their sexual side and boost their self-confidence in the bedroom. Additionally, their partners can reap the benefits of all of the sexy new moves they have learned from their classes and workouts.
Though exercise is not the only way to make your sex life better, it can be a great way to improve many different aspects of your life in one fell swoop. Start a regular exercise program or add some of the suggested exercises to your current routine and see your health and well-being improve, along with better experiences in the bedroom.

Explore Talent: My Daughter Want To Be On TV

As most of you already know, I recently signed my daughter up with Explore Talent, The World's Largest Talent Resource.  She went out on her first audition last week, that went VERY well, might I say.  We should be hearing from the casting director by the end of next week, if not sooner.  Anyhow.  I highly suggest anyone looking to get into the entertainment industry to sign up with explore talent.  Because they are "The World's Largest Talent Resource", they have all kinds of job postings for Acting, Modeling, Dance, Music, Crew, Theatre and More!  

Do you have to pay to sign up?  Yes!  I payed $61.00 for a 3 month membership.  But unlike dealing with an agency, my daughter is not getting a percentage of her earnings snatched away by her agent.  And since you submit yourself to 
auditions, you know that you are getting yourself in on all possible job opportunities! 

I just signed my daughter up for the audition below:

National Apparel Company Looking for models for catalog photo shoots and runway shows!

Can make up to $1500.00/ day depending on role and experience. 

Seeking Models from 5 years old to 30 years old.

Must have Headshot and Demo Reel before applying.  Must Submit by: 

**The listing above is a real audition that you can apply for once you become a member of Explore Talent!  You have until 09/07/11 to apply for this auditon!**

As you can see, these are real paying jobs and the pay is very good!  

They also have a 6 month membership, a annual membership and a Free 7 Day Trial for all that need to see for themselves before they sign up!  :)

Once you sign up you will need to create a profile.  I suggest you take some professional pictures before signing up.  Casting directors usually want to see 1 Good Head Shot and 2 Body Shots.  Below are my daughters Head Shots and Body Shots as an example:





You want to make sure that you have some nice quality pictures so that casting directors can see you clearly.  It's good to have a video of you or your child too, so that you can show off your personality!

Once you create your profile you will then be able to submit yourself to job postings by casting directors.  

Good Luck!

Monique Bradford ~The WifeyMommyPreneur

Stress Relief Tip of the Day

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