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Advice For The Marriage and The Business~ *Communication*

As most of you know, I do have a Lingerie and Romance Accessories Business.  One of the reasons that I started a business in the romance industry is because a happy, healthy and thriving marriage is very important to me.  I figure if you're gonna go through the whole marriage ceremony and repeat those wonderful marriage vows, then why not put in the work to actually live out those vows?  Especially if you have children!  That's right, I said "the work", because that's exactly what it is and don't let anybody tell you different.  We don't live in fairytale land, you have to actually work at a great marriage.  Take a look at the image of the couple above.  Have you ever felt like that?  Believe it or not there are people living out that image daily in their marriage.  It should not be this way.  I shared a quote on facebook today that I thought was so real.  It's by Scott Gardner, "If the marriage ain't happy, ain't nobody happy."  And all my married people know what I'm talking about!  It's hard to function properly when your marriage is on the rocks, let alone be happy.

When looking at statistics and the media about marriage all I see is divorce and prenuptial agreement advise.  Some people go from marriage to marriage to yet another marriage.  And some are scared to death of marriage for fear of getting hurt.  Marriage is definitely not for the faint of heart.  Hear me when I say, "YOU ARE NOT GOING TO GET EVERYTHING YOU WANT AND YOU WILL HAVE TO BEND AND SACRIFICE IF YOU WANT TO LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER WITH SOMEONE ELSE. REMEMBER... YOU'RE NOT MARRYING YOURSELF.  YOU ARE NOW 2 DIFFERENT PEOPLE BOUND TOGETHER AS 1 BOTH LEGALLY AND SPIRITUALLY IN HOLY MATRIMONY.  Special ain't it? :)  I'm not claiming to be a marriage expert but I can say that I am absolutely and truly happily married and have been for over 7 years.  I've been with my husband for over 11 years all together.  I have picked up a few things along the way.  Not to mention seeing my mother stick with her man (my wonderful step-father) in marriage since I was just a 1 year old little bundle of joy.  Oh yeah!  And I can't forget about my grandparents (Mama and Papa) that have been together since my mother was a pre-teen.  Hey...I'm just sayin'!  I really don't believe that people get married to get a divorce.  I believe that people get married wanting to spend the rest of their life with that one special person.  I personally think that Romance and Fun can definitely keep the marriage just that....Romantic and Fun!  Hence, ;)  Hey... It works for me!

With all that said, I came across this article on about communication and active listening.  As I was reading the article I noticed that the advise being given can also be applied to business.  You must be an active listener in order to run your business successfully.  How else will you know how to meet the needs of your clients and business associates?  So here is a copy of the article.  Enjoy and let me know what you think and feel free to share.

Always wishing you health, wealth and wisdom!
Monique Bradford~ The WifeyMommyPreneur

The Key To Successful Relationships

By Michele Germain

Relationships can be the most difficult and joyful part of your life. You cannot avoid them unless you never get out of bed in the morning and sometimes not even then. You will find yourself interfacing with others almost immediately each day.

Due to the complex multiple roles you have in your life this can be plentiful. On an average day you could be talking to your husband, wife, co-workers, children, siblings, friends, parents, our children teachers, your significant other, your boss, the grocery clerk and at the end of the day it could be a telecommunication caller. 

One Of The Most Important Skills

One of the most important skills that you need in any and all of these relationships is listening. Better listening skills will allow you to create a more harmonious relationship where respect and cooperation are more likely to occur. 

So ask yourself now, "How well do I really listen to others? How well do I listen to myself? Can I be still and quiet enough to really listen?" Or do I feel restless when there is silence and so I start talking right away? Here are some tips on developing better listening skills. 

Developing Better Listening Skills

1. Listen with concern and a desire to understand.
Do not pretend to be listening or give only part of your attention if you are distracted. If you need and it is possible, ask the person to wait until you can be more attentive. 
2. Let the other person talk without interrupting.
Avoid quickly giving advice interrupting or making assumptions as to what you think they are going to say. Pause and breathe staying present and silent until he/she is finished. 

3. Do not prepare your answer while they are talking.
Try to stay only in the listening mode. Once you have all the information you will be more prepared to respond. 

4. Do not engage in selective listening.
Listen to the words, facts and overall content of the person’s story. Do not just pay attention to what you find interesting. 

5. While you are listening observe their facial expressions, gestures, eye movement and body posture.
This will give you information as to what they might be feeling about their conversation, more information to help you understand. 

Learn To Reflect Back

The second part of the skill is learning to reflect back what you heard the person saying. Paraphrasing and repeating back what you heard allows the person to know you have been listening. It keeps clarity in conversation and allows for overall better communication. This is also a skill that requires some practice. Here are a few tips.
1. Try to briefly summarize what you heard them say and repeat it back to them.

2. Ask them is this is what they were trying to tell you. If not, try again to summarize or ask them to repeat part of what you did not understand.

3. Do not immediately respond with your belief, opinion or advise before you have clarified their position.

4. Only give advice if they are asking for it.

5.Use empathy in your response instead of being judgmental. Be neutral and clarify what you heard their feelings, thoughts or opinions are.

6. Do not yell, argue or criticize. Ask more questions. Try asking why, when, where or who questions. This gives you more information.

7. Determine what they need from you. Would they like you just to listen and say nothing, give feedback, provide advice, help them problem solve a situation.
Of course, if you are talking to young children you may have to interrupt this yourself and offer what your intuition feels they need. 

Whether you are in contact with your children, boss, husband, or wife or significant others these tools are valuable. For the next week or so try to exercise these new skills. Observe what happens when you listen and respond in an empathic manner instead of with advise, opinion or judgments. 

Make a note of the new interaction and compare it with your old way of listening or not listening. Observe their manner; are they calmer, more appreciate? What do you notice? 

We all have a need to be listened to and understood. Most of us grew up with not enough of the focused attention we need. As a result we are all a little deprived, that is why so many of us want to talk and talk and talk and listening is something that we just don’t know how to do. In fact we are uncomfortable with being quiet and still. 

I suggest to you that if you practice you will benefit in many ways. All your relationships will dramatically improve. You will find that you will gain a greater ability to listen to yourself and you may find that others more readily give you time and attention. 

What we need from others we must be willing to give to them as well. Be patient, praise yourself for your efforts (don’t wait for others to praise you), and watch your skill grow. 
Michele Germain, author of The Jill Principle, has a master degree in Social Worker from Wayne State University and is licensed as a Clinical Social Worker and Marriage Family Therapist in California. She is a Certified Bioenergetic Analyst, offering an approach that that resolves the emotional pain remaining in the body, increasing the individuals well being and capacity for pleasure. She conducts workshops and seminars on a variety of mental health topics and life changing issues. She has appeared on radio, cable television and in print media, and lectures aboard major cruise ship lines such as the Pearl and Royal Caribbean. For more information visit


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5 Tips To Organizing Your Home Office

By Guest Author: Kirsten M. Lagatree‚ author of "Chime in Now".

Whether you work at a corner of the dining room table, in the spare bedroom or in your own private office, staying organized can pose one of your biggest challenges as an entrepreneur. Many of us let filing and organizing go during busy times and think we'll deal with everything when we "have time." But beware of the clutter trap; it can truly take on a life of its own. A messy desk and chaotic filing system siphons off your time, energy, focus and productivity. Here are some tips for getting organized and staying that way in your home office.

Attack That Pile of "Stuff"

If you're starting out with an intimidating pile of stuff on and around your desk, don't despair. Take a deep breath and devote a small amount of time -- half an hour -- daily to sifting through it. This makes the job more manageable, and if you stick to the discipline of doing a little each day, you WILL reach the end of the stack.

Throw Out Those Old Papers

As you go through your stacks of paper, piles of files, mountains of magazines and so forth, ask yourself: Do I need this? Why? What happens to it next? Where will I look for it when I want it? (Not where should I put it). No filing system is good if you can't remember where you put things.

If you tend to save papers because you aren't sure whether or not you'll need them again, create a two-step trash system. I use a large wastebasket to toss anything I think I'm through with but not totally sure about. I keep another, smaller container for papers and other items that I'm sure are "trash." Empty your large basket only every few weeks; that way, you can retrieve anything you decide you shouldn't part with. Don't forget to put banana peels and other pungent disposables into the container that gets emptied frequently.

Keep Often-Used Items at Close Range

Items you use daily belong on your desk. Your computer, pens, calendar, message pad and anything else that's part of your daily routine can stay. Other items such as Scotch tape, stapler, calculator, writing paper and so on should be stored in your desk drawer -- handy to get at, but not in the way when you don't need them.

Don't Store Supplies in Your Desk

Fax and computer paper, extra pens, file folders and the like can be put in a cabinet across the room. I have a shelf over my desk for reference books I reach for frequently. They're always at hand but never in the way.

Don't Mix Business and Pleasure

Don't keep household paperwork such as bills, catalogs, vacation brochures and other personal items where they can distract you. Blending business and personal work at your desk is usually distracting rather than efficient.

Once you've worked your way through these tips, you will have a work space that makes you look forward to getting down to business every day. Good luck!

Always wishing you health, wisdom and wealth~
Monique Bradford~ The WifeyMommyPreneur!

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Power of Positive Affirmations

Affirmations are positive statements that describe a desired situation, and which are repeated many times, in order to impress the subconscious mind and trigger it into positive action. In order to ensure the effectiveness of the affirmations, they have to be repeated with attention, conviction, interest and desire.

Imagine that you are swimming with your friends in a swimming pool. They swim fifteen rounds, something you have never done before, and desiring to win the respect of your friends, you want to show them that you can make it too. You start swimming, and at the same time keep repeating in your mind, "I can do it, I can do it...". You keep thinking and believing that you are going to complete the fifteen rounds. What are you actually doing? You are repeating positive affirmations.

More than often, people repeat in their minds negative words and statements concerning the situations and events in their lives, and consequently bring upon themselves undesirable situations. Words and statements work both ways, to build or destroy. It is the way we use them that determines whether they are going to bring good or harmful results.

Often, people repeat negative statements in their minds, without even being aware of what they are doing. Do you keep thinking and telling yourself that you cannot do something, that you are too lazy, lack inner strength or that you are going to fail? Your subconscious mind accepts as true what you keep saying, and eventually attracts corresponding events and situations into your life, irrespective whether they are good or bad for you, so why not choose only positive statements?

Affirmations program the mind in the same way commands and scripts program a computer. They work in the same manner as creative visualization. The repeated words help you focus your mind on your aim, and automatically build corresponding mental images in the conscious mind, which affect the subconscious mind. The conscious mind, the mind you think with, starts this process, and then the subconscious mind takes charge. By using this process consciously and intently, you can affect your subconscious mind and thereby transform your habits, behavior, mental attitude and reactions, and even reshape your external life.

Sometimes results appear quickly, but often more time is required. Depending on your goal, sometimes you might attain immediate results, and sometimes it might take days, weeks, months or more. Getting results depends on several factors, such as the time, focus, faith and feelings you invest in repeating your affirmations, on the strength of your desire, and on how big or small is your goal.

It is important to understand that repeating positive affirmations for a few minutes, and then thinking negatively the rest of the day, neutralizes the effects of the positive words. You have to refuse thinking negative thoughts, if you wish to attain positive results.

How to Repeat Affirmations

It is advisable to repeat affirmations that are not too long, as they are easier to remember. Repeat them anytime your mind is not engaged in something in particular, such as while traveling in a bus or a train, waiting in line, walking etc, but do not affirm while driving or crossing a street. You may also repeat them in special sessions of 5-10 minutes each, several times a day.

Relax any physical, emotional or mental tension while affirming. The stronger the concentration, the more faith you have in what you are doing, the more feelings you put into the act, the stronger and faster will be the results.

Choose only positive words, describing what you really want. If you desire to lose weight, do not tell yourself "I am not fat" or "I am losing weight." These are negative statements, bringing into the mind mental images of what you do not want. Say instead, "I am getting slim" or "I have reached my right weight". Such words evoke positive images in the mind.

Always affirm in the present tense, not the future tense. Saying, "I will be rich", means that you intend to be rich one day, in the indefinite future, but not now. It is more effective to say, and also feel, "I am rich now", and the subconscious mind will work overtime to make this happen now, in the present.

The power of affirmations can help you to transform your life. By stating what you want to be true in your life, you mentally and emotionally see and feel it as true, irrespective of your current circumstances, and thereby attract it into your life.

Below are a list of some Positive Affirmations~

- I am healthy and happy.

- Wealth is pouring into my life.

- I am sailing on the river of wealth.

- I am getting wealthier each day.

- My body is healthy and functioning in a very good way.

- I have a lot of energy.

- I study and comprehend fast.

- My mind is calm.

- I am calm and relaxed in every situation.

- My thoughts are under my control.

- I radiate love and happiness.

- I am surrounded by love.

- I have the perfect job for me.

- I am living in the house of my dreams.

- I have good and loving relations with my wife/husband.

- I have a wonderful and satisfying job.

- I have the means to travel abroad, whenever I want to.

- I am successful in whatever I do.

- Everything is getting better every day.

Always wishing you health, wisdom and weatlth!
Monique Bradford~ The WifeyMommyPreneur!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Video E-mail. The New Industry Craze!

It's been the talk of the town in the MLM and Network Marketing Industry.  That's right!  Some of you may have already heard about it...V-mail.  Video e-mail.

What is V-mail you say?  Well, I'm glad you asked.  A couple of weeks ago a Facebook friend of mine, fellow Network Marketer and Health Guru, Lakeidra Capers, told me about this great new product and opportunity that is changing the game.  I must say, I was a little skeptical.  I said, "How is this different from any other Network Marketing Company?" And, "Why is this any different from Youtube?"  I agreed to go through with the presentation and I'm glad I did, because it totally changed my perspective on Branding.  When I say "Branding" I'm saying "Branding You and Your Business".  In the network marketing industry it is A Must that you brand yourself and stand out from the crowd.  You cannot be just another salesperson!  Note: A great way to brand yourself, no matter which medium you use is to BE YOURSELF and only you can do that!  People do business with people.  Not with products or opportunities.  Okay...Moving on.  So I get the e-mail presentation and...You know what!... Here is a breakdown of the COMPANY, PRODUCTS and THE COMPENSATION PLAN!  You can also see all of this information via Video here:

Note: I am not associated with this company in any way.  I am not "selling" the products or opportunity.  I am sharing this because I think that the system is really worth taking a look at!  See for yourself...

The following is an excerpt from:  
MVT is a division of Team Effort International, LLC. Founded in 2002, Team Effort International, LLC is a privately held, debt-free company with global offices in Northern California. The company focuses on the Internet, using proprietary and state-of-the-art software. Team Effort International, LLC is a multi-national cmpany currently doing business in North America, Europe, and South East Asia, Australia, and New Zealand, with plans to expand into South America, Eastern Europe, and Northern Asia. The company’s mission and slogan is “Commitment to Make A Difference”, and the company is doing just that. There is quite a buzz on the Internet about this company and people are flocking to it.
The company is headed up by Mel and Amie Gill, a dynamic husband and wife team who have been in the direct selling industry since 1989. Mel Gill’s family owned a successful restaurant business in the San Francisco bay area which he ran one of the operations when the couple were first married. When introduced to the direct selling industry in November of 1989 the couple had great success and quickly took their local business global, traveling the world and building a massive organization. This experience became their springboard to ultimately become owners of their own direct selling enterprise in 2002. Mel and Amie Gill reside in northern California with their three children.
The MVP division of Team Effort, LLC has been thriving since 2004. The focus of this division is creating innovative communications technologies that change the way the world communicates, educates, markets, and connects. This is done through live video streaming broadcasts and meetings, customizable email video messages, and on demand video web channels. All of the products can be easily branded to match any business.  

The cool thing about MVT video emails is that for companies who don’t yet have a presence online with a website, this is a great way to send killer video emails to people already on a mailing list.
  • My Video Talk Studio - this is the engine that drives the entire suite of products. It is the most dynamic, comprehensive and state-of-the-art video communication platform available anywhere.
  • My Video Designer – creates beautiful and compelling video emails in minutes. You don’t need to be an html code geek or have a degree in graphic design. The software does everything for you.
  • My Video Broadcaster – runs lives video presentations and meetings. The neat thing about these video broadcasts is they are completely customizable to include your own logo, banner, and brand color. All broadcasts are in High Definition so it’s like watching your own TV show online anywhere in the world!
  • My Video Channel – it’s like having your own You Tube channel without You Tube!  My Video Channel is a private channel so you control everything and don’t have to wake up one morning just to find all of your videos have been deleted.  “The Internet Video Commercial is the next generation of online advertising.” — John Vail, Director of Marketing, Pepsi-Cola N. America
Compensation Plan
MVT has a dual core binary compensation plan. Okay, in English please! Apparently this is the first company to offer such a compensation plan according to the company website. According to the website, this is a revolutionary “representative-friendly” comp plan designed to earn you immediate income while you build a long-term residual or royalty income. I will say that when my friend called me bubbling over with joy about this business and that she had made $500 in less that 48 hours, a number unheard of to 96% of all other network marketers out there, I was inclined to listen to what all the brouhaha was about.
After reading through the compensation plan, it didn’t seem that different from some of the other network marketing companies. MVT’s comp plan pays its reps weekly and monthly, but other companies also have similar plans. There are ten ways to get paid, including great bonuses and incentives. For a detailed list of payout options visit the company’s website for more information.
MVT recently had a US pre-launch event in California. The company appears to be gaining momentum and creating quite a buzz. The state-of-the-art technology being unleashed into the marketplace by this company is pretty incredible to say the least. The owners are 20 year veterans in the direct selling arena and they are now pioneering an exciting new direction how people are using videos on the Internet. With a lucrative compensation plan, strong leadership and cutting edge products, this is a company that should definitely be taken seriously.  (Source:
Whoop there it is!  Need I say more?  I think not!  For more information on MVT Visit:

**If you like what you read, please feel free to share on Twitter or Facebook and leave me a comment~ Thank you!  It is truly appreciated!**

To your continued success!  Always wishing you health, wisdom and wealth~~
Monique Bradford ~ The WifeyMommyPreneur

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