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Are you an "Employee-Preneur"? You should be!

Guest Post by Tina Olivero   Source Employee-preneurs are a new breed of worker that will excel above all others in the 21st Century. This era of recession, plummeting profits and stressful business conditions is creating an exciting new breed of people – employee-preneurs. What would happen if every person in your organization adopted an entrepreneurial mindset, whereby it was a daily practice to think creatively and have an attitude of “everything is possible”? The employee-preneur mindset is one where people take responsibility for where they are and how to make things better. They look around the landscape of the company and find a way to serve their managers, to serve their clients above and beyond the call of duty, and to serve their team members, by being open, communicative, happy, peaceful and productive supporters. Who do you think the boss is going to promote, the one who is creating stress or the one who is relieving stress and making things happen with great results? The e…

You Can Pursue Your Dreams While Working A 9 to 5!

The following article is from  :)) Danny Brown is VP, Product Intelligence at Jugnoo Inc., an internet and media technology company for consumers and business. An award-winning marketer and blogger, he is also the author of The Parables of Business, offering business strategies and advice through the art of storytelling. [Read More…]

"Chasing Your Dream While Keeping Your Day Job" This is a guest post from Andrew Weaver, a photographer, blogger, and self described social media geek. He has an interest in helping others improve their lives both personally and professionally. He authors the blog Leave It To Weaver and you can connect withAndrew on Twitter.

I’m no social media expert. I’m not a PR maven. I’m not a marketing guru. I won’t show you how to get thousands of followers on Twitter. I don’t have any New York Times’ best sellers. I don’t have a Fortune 500 company to tell you about. I can’t show you how to make millions sitting at home. I’m just a guy wit…

If you're chasing your dream, you're not running fast enough. Run Faster!

Let's Go!  Don't Stop!  Let's Get It!  Lock In!!

If you don't know what I'm talking about... Watch the video :))  Great words of wisdom from P Diddy.  Let's GO!!

Money Smarts: 18 Ways To Live Below Your Means

Don't live above your means, if you ain't got it like that don't spend like you do... #ActYourWAGE  ~Unknown

Redefine your definition of “rich”. – “I remember sitting in a cubicle at my first professional job staring at a picture of an SUV I wanted to buy (and eventually did).  Now, I sit in my office and look at the pictures of my kids, and just outside my window I can see the beater I drive sitting in the company parking lot.  What a difference a decade makes!  To sum things up, my definition of being rich is having enough money to meet my family’s basic needs, a few of our wants, and to be able to give some away to others.” – via Frugal DadBorrow and share.  Everyone wins! – “We borrowed a DVD from a friend instead of renting or buying and had a little snack from our own fridge!  Way cheaper than using gas to drive to the theater/rental place, paying for a movie, and paying for a snack.” – via My Dollar PlanAvoid the mall. – “Going to the mall is not entertainment!  We u…