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Are you an "Employee-Preneur"? You should be!

Guest Post by Tina Olivero  
Employee-preneurs are a new breed of worker that will excel above all others in the 21st Century. This era of recession, plummeting profits and stressful business conditions is creating an exciting new breed of people – employee-preneurs.
What would happen if every person in your organization adopted an entrepreneurial mindset, whereby it was a daily practice to think creatively and have an attitude of “everything is possible”?
The employee-preneur mindset is one where people take responsibility for where they are and how to make things better. They look around the landscape of the company and find a way to serve their managers, to serve their clients above and beyond the call of duty, and to serve their team members, by being open, communicative, happy, peaceful and productive supporters. Who do you think the boss is going to promote, the one who is creating stress or the one who is relieving stress and making things happen with great results?
The employee-preneur is the one who’s first to the meeting, excited about new plans, is open to new ideas, is willing and able to adapt. Employee-preneurs realize that working on themselves is the primary most important trait in succeeding at work. They take responsibility for being healthy and energetic; they have foresight and realize the impact they have on others. Imagine your organization where every person realized the impact they had on others with their actions or lack of actions. Now that’s powerful. Employee-preneurs are people that we LOVE being around because they touch, move and inspire us. They understand our world and support us in our work lives. Employee-preneurs adopt a way of being understanding, being compassionate and raising their value within the organization, by every step they take. They continuously keep commitments, keep their word and follow through instilling trust and appreciation with others.
The Law of SUCCESS is the foundation of the employee-preneur! Employee-preneurs realize that they are responsible for not only their “job description,” but also for the entire company’s success and when one person is struggling or failing – the entire operation is at risk. Employee-entrepreneurs do whatever it takes to create employee-preneurs in the entire team.
Take a good look around and ask yourself, who do I really want to be? The old employee or the new employee-preneur? Old ways of working 9:00-5:00 are passé. The employee-preneur realizes that work is a self-expression, and therefore, they stress less and produce more, because their focus and intention is to seek strategies for success – even in their sleep. They focus, and remain focused, until outcomes are achieved, profitability is available, and the company provides an entire culture of leadership at the level of every individual. Employee-preneurs are super wow, so BE SUPER WOW!

Friday, May 18, 2012

You Can Pursue Your Dreams While Working A 9 to 5!

danny brownThe following article is from  :))
Danny Brown is VP, Product Intelligence at Jugnoo Inc., an internet and media technology company for consumers and business. An award-winning marketer and blogger, he is also the author of The Parables of Business, offering business strategies and advice through the art of storytelling. [Read More…]

"Chasing Your Dream While Keeping Your Day Job"
This is a guest post from Andrew Weaver, a photographer, blogger, and self described social media geek. He has an interest in helping others improve their lives both personally and professionally. He authors the blog Leave It To Weaver and you can connect withAndrew on Twitter.

I’m no social media expert. I’m not a PR maven. I’m not a marketing guru. I won’t show you how to get thousands of followers on Twitter.
I don’t have any New York Times’ best sellers. I don’t have a Fortune 500 company to tell you about. I can’t show you how to make millions sitting at home.
I’m just a guy with a dream. I’m going to wager many of you are in the same boat.
I have a love for writing and a dream of growing my photography business. The goal is to one day leave the daily 9 to 5 grind behind and to be doing what I love for a living. If you have the same goals, I understand that it can be difficult to know where to begin.
We live in extraordinary times. The Internet changed the game and social media brought the game to a whole new level. There has never been so many tools available at our fingertips. Geography is no longer a restriction. The list could go on and on. The point is, it has never been easier to start your own business.
If you have a day job that takes up most of your time, it can be a little tricky starting your own business. So how to begin?
If I were to give you just one basic tip, it would be to utilize social media. In today’s world it is imperative to have some form of online presence, especially when starting a business in your spare time.
Social media provides you with exposure and a cheap way to market your business. You don’t have to be on every site out there. Just a couple you can devote some time and effort to. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Pick your poison and start building.
Build relationships. Build conversations. Build communities. Build fans. Build your network. Build, build, and build some more. By the way, building is much different from non-stop self promoting. No one likes a border line spammer.
Think about this. Without social media how many of you would be reading Danny Brown’s blog? How many of you would know much about Chris Brogan without Twitter? How many of you would care thatGuy Kawasaki uses ghosts of anything without social media? If you are building your business from scratch and very few people know much of anything about you, there’s no good reason not to utilize social media. Start building.
Finally, I’m going to throw in one last bit of advice for free. Get rid of the excuses. Whether it’s fear of the unknown or any other reason, quit
using lousy excuses for why you refuse to utilize the tools the Internet has to offer your business.
3 Favorite Excuses YOU Can Not Use
  • No money. How many successful Internet startups do you know that opened with a huge budget? Quit using this excuse.
  • No time. This will be the most tempting excuse if you have a day job. Quit asking about social media if you’re going to instantly turn around and say, “I don’t have time for that.” You can and will make time for anything you really want.
  • No knowledge. It’s good to be knowledgeable in your field. It’s good to do your homework before you dive into a business in any field. At some point though, you have to dive in. You must get to work. Quit hiding behind your fear of starting your own business by saying you don’t know enough yet. Get to work and learn as you go.
You may just be a girl or guy with a dream, but there is no reason you can’t be working to achieve that dream. Social media is one of the best ways available today in helping you get there. I like how Seth Simonds’ bio on his Twitter breaks it down: “Drink some tea, ignore some experts, pursue your dreams…”

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

If you're chasing your dream, you're not running fast enough. Run Faster!

Let's Go!  Don't Stop!  Let's Get It!  Lock In!!

If you don't know what I'm talking about... Watch the video :))  Great words of wisdom from P Diddy.  Let's GO!!

Money Smarts: 18 Ways To Live Below Your Means

Don't live above your means, if you ain't got it like that don't spend like you do... #ActYourWAGE  ~Unknown

  1. Redefine your definition of “rich”. – “I remember sitting in a cubicle at my first professional job staring at a picture of an SUV I wanted to buy (and eventually did).  Now, I sit in my office and look at the pictures of my kids, and just outside my window I can see the beater I drive sitting in the company parking lot.  What a difference a decade makes!  To sum things up, my definition of being rich is having enough money to meet my family’s basic needs, a few of our wants, and to be able to give some away to others.” – via Frugal Dad
  2. Borrow and share.  Everyone wins! – “We borrowed a DVD from a friend instead of renting or buying and had a little snack from our own fridge!  Way cheaper than using gas to drive to the theater/rental place, paying for a movie, and paying for a snack.” – via My Dollar Plan
  3. Avoid the mall. – “Going to the mall is not entertainment!  We used to go when we were bored.  Of course, we usually ended up spending money while we were there.  If you need clothes, then shop sales or go to stores that offer name-brands at a discount.  You can save a ton on these items if you are a smart shopper.  Dave Ramsey says, “Never pay retail!”  We probably save $15 to $30 per month by staying away from the mall.” – viaMy Super-Charged Life
  4. Limit your intake of advertisements. – “Advertising sucks.  That’s the cold, hard truth.  It’s engineered to make you feel like you’re incomplete, that you have an unfulfilled need, that you’re not good enough.” – via On Simplicity
  5. Buy with cash. – “You can’t spend money you don’t have.  Many bank accounts provide overdraft protection, so even with a debit card, it’s easier to go over your account balance than you think.” – via Simple Mom
  6. Find a better deal and actually SAVE the difference. – “Regardless of what they sell, if you’ve switched companies for price reasons, save the difference.  Think of phone companies, internet access, cell phones, credit cards, and others.” – via The Wisdom Journal
  7. Adhere to a long-term investment strategy. – “I’m a long-term investor.  The stock portion of my portfolio is spread over several mutual funds, a few ETFs and a few individual stocks.  Each and every one of these holdings was carefully chosen, after thorough research.  I believe in these stocks and funds.  I consider them as my best bet in growing my money - LONG TERM.” – via MomGrind
  8. Curb your consumerism! – “Have you ever watched how a child can play with a cardboard box for hours, and leave the toy that came in it by the wayside?  How is it that children can enjoy themselves without a lot of “stuff”, but we as adults feel the need to reward ourselves by buying more stuff?” – via Billionaire Woman
  9. Stay Healthy!  Medical problems drain bank accounts. – “James M. Rippe, M.D is a best-selling author, world-renowned cardiologist, and founder of the Rippe Lifestyle Institute.   He explains that if you look at all the risk factors for dying, the one that is most predictive is fitness level.  In addition, an older person with high cardiovascular fitness is healthier than a younger person who is physically inactive.  By increasing your fitness level, you can actually roll back your biological clock.” – via Abundance Blog
  10. Stay in and relax. – “So, think about it the next time you go out.  Are you going for with a purpose?  Maybe the solution is to not go out at all.  Stay home and save!  Save up for something you really want or need.” – viaThe Jungle of Life
  11. Gradually prepare yourself for a rainy day. – “Even when things are going great, and you feel on top of the world, you must always be prepared for a change.  If you take the time and patience to set yourself up properly, then when things to take a turn for the worse, you will be prepared to handle it.  If you live above your means, then when the slightest change occurs, you will not be prepared to adapt.  Financial flexibility is more important then keeping up with the Jones’.” – via Yin vs. Yang
  12. Stop competing.  Forget about the Jones’ altogether. – “If getting rich makes us happy, then why don’t countries as a whole get happier as they grow wealthier?  They discovered that as a country gets wealthier there’s no overall increase in happiness.  Why?  We continually compare our wealth against that of others.  We are competitive and envious. Add to that the fact that Western countries encourage people to strive for more and more, and you have a formula that spins many into depression.” – viaColor Your Life Happy
  13. Get out of the “easy street” mentality. – “I think there is too much emphasis on the quick fix or the easy option in today’s society.  For example taking diet pills to lose weight instead of the “hard option” - exercising and eating well…. money is sometimes being used as a substitute for hard work.  Do you think there is an increasing expectation that you can get want you want by throwing money around instead of working hard and “earning” it? – via Forever Change
  14. Avoid impulse buying.  Buy things you truly need. – “Don’t you just love the excitement you feel after coming home with a new TV?  Driving home in a new car?  Opening the box on a new pair of shoes?  I sure do.  But, from watching the behavior of myself and my friends I’ve found that the new quickly becomes just another item.  The excitement of novelty passes quickly.” – via Think Simple Now
  15. Time is money.  Properly manage your time. – “The fewer tasks you have, the less you have to do to organize them.  Focus only on those tasks that give you the absolute most return on your time investment, and you will become more productive and have less to do.  You will need only the simplest tools and system, and you will be much less stressed.  I think that’s a winning combination.  Focus always on simplifying, reducing, eliminating. And keep your focus on what’s important. Everything else is easy.” – via LifeDev
  16. Find ways to give without spending. – “Want a quick, easy and (almost) free way to be guaranteed that you’ll make someone’s day special?  Send them a letter.  Why not set aside some time this weekend to sit down and write to a few people?  If you don’t enjoy writing, try buying some nice postcards of your home town.  If you’ve got an artistic streak, why not design your own note cards?  You don’t have to write a long letter for it to be effective.  It’s the thought that counts and the personal touch that makes it special.” –via Dumb Little Man
  17. Don’t let greed and deceit get the best of you. – “According to Stephen R. Covey, if you reach an admirable end through the wrong means it will ultimately turn to dust in your hands.  This is due to unintended consequences that are not seen or evident at first.  The example he gives inThe 8th Habit is:  The parent who yells at their kids to clean their rooms will accomplish the end of having a clean room.  But this very means has the potential to negatively affect relationships, and it is unlikely the room will stay clean when the parent leaves town for a few days.  Now, to return to the topic of wealth, I think it is possible to see much of the world’s current financial problems as stemming from people who wrongly believe the ends justify the means.  My advice?  It is fine to aspire to wealth, but don’t lose sight of the means to accomplishing it.” – via The Change Blog
  18. Never ever pay retail. – “You can easily save hundreds of dollars a year on clothing purchases by waiting for sales or shopping at discount retailers like Marshalls.  Better yet, avoid name brand clothing all together.” – viaMarc and Angel Hack Life  ;-)
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