My very 1st day with Project Payday!

I signed up with Project Payday on the 14th of this month and I was so excited!  Then I found myself on youtube watching some of the reviews created by current affiliates.

Some of them were great, but one of them was not so great and it took me looking at that one negative review to get me very discouraged and not wanting to waste any time promoting their opportunity.

When I signed up I read that affiliates were not to promote their affiliate link via Instagram, which I was okay with considering the fact that the company was not getting very high conversion rates from people promoting this way.  The lead quality was very poor.

The affiliate or should I say former affiliate that did the negative review of Project Payday said that not only could you not promote your affiliate link via Intagram, but you also would not receive any compensation for leads generated through ANY mobile device.  Meaning you will not get paid for anyone filling out the opt in form from their cell phone, Ipad or tablet.

I immediately became extremely cautious of this company and was about to throw the opportunity out of the window!  I went right to my email and contacted Project Payday to see if this was true.  I let them know that I was very discouraged because more and more people are accessing the Internet from their mobile devices on a daily basis.  They shot me an email right back assuring me that the statement made about them not paying for leads by people on their mobile devices was NOT true.

Well you know I had to test it.  I sent my referral link to one of my friends that was interested in the Project Payday's opportunity and they filled out the opt-in form (from their cell phone) and when I checked my back office there it was!  I was paid $1.50 for that lead. **Check out the pic above** :)

I was very excited and I knew that I was on my way to getting lot's of money with Project Payday!

To learn more about Project Payday and how you can make Money Online with their program Click Here!

Always wishing you success and many blessings~

Monique Bradford ~The WifeyMommyPreneur


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