Oops! Lost Content Due To Forwarding My Websites To My New Domain

Okay....  sigh~

I have been writing some killer content for the past month and it seems to be lost due to the fact that I kept changing the web address that I was forwarding my new domain name, "wifeymommypreneur.com".  Yes!  I finally got the dot com for WifeyMommyPreneur.  Yaaaay!

Anyhow, I would love for you to see all of the awesome content that I took my precious time to write and I will get it up on this blog as soon as I resolve this situation.

For now... I'm off to a very important meeting!

Just wanted to update you really quickly since I just figured this out.

As always... I wish you nothing but Love, Peace, Prosperity and Many Blessings!

Monique Bradford~  The WifeyMommyPreneur


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