Intermittent Fasting: I GOT THIS!

I am soooo proud of myself y'all!! I have been intermittent fasting for about 3 weeks now, but until last night I have been doing it all wrong!  Lol

Because I work graveyard I have to have my coffee every night!  And I absolutely LOVE my coffee!! 

The thing about intermittent fasting is; during your fasting window in order to keep your body in a fasted state you eat NOTHING.  You can drink water, tea or coffee (Yaaaaay) BUT it has to be plain.... 

That's right!  No cream and No sugar. :(

And up until last night, I have been "modifying" my fast by still adding cream and sugar to my coffee.

But by doing that, my body was using the cream and sugar for energy instead of my fat, which is the goal!! 

So last night I did it!! πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌ

I didn't add cream and sugar to my coffee and it was surprisingly not so bad at all.  

I believe I can do this family!  

I'll be sure to share my results.  

For more info about intermittent fasting...  check out the video below!  It's the best video I've found that explains it ALL and more!

Always wishing you Love, Peace, Prosperity and so many Blessings ❤️❤️

Monique ~The WifeyMommyPreneur 😘😘 


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