Marketing 101: For Your Business!

I had to share this with all of my friends that are in the business of recruiting. You all know how much I love Dani Johnson, she has taught me so much in my entrepreneurial walk. If you are scratching your head trying to figure out how to market your business, then this is for you!
THIS IS NUTS… (read on)
In these two new videos, Dani Johnson talks about two very important topics. But before I actually go into detail about what those are, I have 2 questions to ask you…
1. Do you want to make free money in your business (the only thing needed in your part is a little bit of time)?
What I mean is, in this video Dani does a case study (kind of a continuation of the message we sent out last week titled Marketing 101: Squeezing Profits Out Of Your Existing Social Network (Part 1)) showing 100% of the test subjects making money in their businesses. 37% of the test subjects made a six figure income in this video. Now I’m not saying your going to make any money if you do this one thing Dani teaches in this video. In fact, you probably won’t! BUT of the test subjects that we used they all made money using this incredibly easy marketing strategy and the results are CRAZY!
2. Do you know how your business compares to a College and/or University?
Think for a moment, what are Colleges/Universities always doing? They are always recruiting new studentsfor their school (just like you in your business).
Now, what does a College/University do (and this is so true!) when a student spends over $30,000-$50,000 and even $100,000 on their education? They do the job of giving that student an opportunity to earn far more than that in their chosen profession. Also, they have built a culture around "You have to go to college to succeed".
What does a College/University do when a student spends $50,000 on their education to be a doctor, and then drops out or does nothing with what they were taught? Does the professor sit on his couch and cry and say "This is terrible, my students aren’t doing anything with what I’m teaching them!" No… He just keeps doing his job, teaching and making money doing what makes him money and in his case it would be teaching.
WHY (and we see it happen all the time) do people in their business worry if their team members/associates succeed or not? Is it really your fault if they fail? No, it’s not! And it’s not supposed to be, you are just like a College professor sharing the message giving people an opportunity. No need to trip out!
Watch these videos on marketing and make some money!
Topics include:
  • A case study showing 100% of test subjects making money applying one simple strategy
  • Proven method to put cash in your pocket this week (for free)
  • Mindset you need to get in to producing a 6 and 7 figure income.
  • One important sneaky little pitfall that many people do in their business, and how you can avoid it.
  • VIEW THE VIDEOS HERE: Marketing 101: Squeezing Profits Out Of Your Existing Social Network (Part 1)
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