I have lived through the effects of being born out of wedlock.  I grew up feeling confused and brokenhearted.  Thank God for his love and mercy to help me overcome my childhood.  I am a strong advocate for marriage.  Not only because it is Gods plan for Men and Women, but because it is in my opinion the best environment for a child to grow up in.  I believe that children should SEE what love between a Man and Woman is through their parents.  This is why I decided to Blog for NO WEEDING NO WOMB!

"No Wedding No Womb" is a nationwide dialogue officially opening up on September 22, 2010. The primary theme of this dialogue entails the alarming number of out of wedlock children in the African American community. On this day, nearly 100 popular bloggers across the U.S.A will blog in harmony on the subject, providing both insight and solutions to the epidemic.

From founder/organizer of the "No Wedding No Womb" movement Christelyn Karazin, comes a FAQ overview about the cause, for all who may question any element of what NWNW stands for:

  • Is No Wedding No Womb! about bashing single moms?
Absolutely not. NWNW calls for both MEN and WOMEN to put the needs of children first, and advocates that couples abstain from having children until they are emotionally, physically and financially able to care for them.

  • When you say, NWNW, are you saying that everyone should get married?
In my opinion, marriage is the ideal. However, if marriage is out of the question, NWNW parents are “wedded” to their commitment to their children, providing daily emotional and physical nurturing.

  • Are you bashing black men?
Lord, I’m trying not to. Deadbeat dads come in all melanin spectrums. But as a black woman, my focus for NWNW naturally hones in on the black community first. No other American culture has an astronomical 72% out-of-wedlock birth rate. Only males have the ability to fertilize an egg and create a baby and never be heard from again. Women hold that embryo, who becomes a baby, who becomes a child, who becomes an adult. Mothers can not physically be both mother and father, otherwise God would have created us in the likeness of hermaphroditic amebas.

When you say, “No Wedding No Womb!” are you advocating that women get abortions?
Urhm…no. I’m advocating for women to think more of their bodies and their future children BEFORE sperm meets egg. I’m advocating for men to STOP spraying their seeds all over The Creation.

  • Aren’t you being judgmental?
No. I see a lot of finger-pointing and fire breathing from men and women, blaming each other for the mess we’re in. If those people would look down at the child looking up at them for a moment, and take into account the damage being done, then ask what the child needs to thrive, the question of judging flies right out of the window. As my friend Roslyn Holcomb said, “Children thrive in families. Period. Full stop.”

  • What gives you the right to do this?
I’m a baby mamma’ LISTEN TO MY MISSION: 65535 NO WEDDING NO WOMB-2.’ I do this for my daughter, and my daughter’s daughter, and all the children of our future.



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