How To Add Google Analytics To Your Blogger Blog

Adding Google Analytics to your blogger blog is waaaay easier than you may think.  Here is a video on how to do it!  A big Thank You to Joanne for creating this awesome video!  
Check out her website

Monique Bradford - The WifeyMommyPreneur~ xoxo

PS~  I'll be adding more info on using Google Analytics!  :)


  1. Google Analytics provides powerful tracking for anyone with a web presence, whether it be a small hobby website or a giant online enterprise. It's one of the most powerful web analytics solutions on the market, and it's free for anyone to use.

  2. I watched the video and I can say that it has a very clear instruction on how to this application to a blogger blog. I am planning to have this kind of application to my blog and I am happy to found this guide.

  3. wow, i never thought it was this easy to add google analytics///thanks Monique.

  4. this is the easiest video to understand regarding google analytics...thanks

  5. You're very welcome daxenm2e~ I thought so too.. I'm glad you enjoyed it!


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