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Wow, this is an important topic!

So many people looking to start a home business are under the impression that you have to become a door-to-door sales person, professional telemarketer, or some lady doing home meetings to make money.

ALL WRONG. (Well, unless you like to do that sort of thing…)

Here is the rule we live by as home business owners: “We sort and we market. We DO NOT sell!”

One of the quickest ways to fail in network marketing is to become a sales person. A selling superstar is easy to spot. They jump in with two feet and start sponsoring people like crazy… I’m talking 20-30 a month. You couldn’t be more excited, and you think you’ve just hit the MLM jackpot!

Here’s what will happen. Within two months, all of those new reps sponsored by your super- star, start dropping like flies until nobody’s left.

Why does this happen? Because people can’t be duplicated. The superstar’s new people can’t do what he did, and he can’t figure out why. After all, it was so easy…

This is why having an effective system is so important. Systems ARE semi-duplicatable because they level the playing field for everyone.

I say semi-duplicatable, because once again… People don’t join a company, they join you, which means you and your Alpha or Beta status will have a massive impact on your sponsoring success.

In the end, when it comes to selling a business opportunity, your results will eventually fall onto your shoulders… Do you have personal value to offer this person? Are you an Alpha leader? Will they gain power by associating with you?

So how do you know when you are selling so you can avoid it?

The moment you starting explaining ANYTHING about your product or business you are selling.

If you say anything more than the name of the company or product and cite a testimonial, you are selling.

If you start to tell them the ingredients or price, you are selling. If you start to tell them what it does, you are selling. If you start to explain the compensation plan or give the background of the company founders, you are selling!


Professionals sort. Amateurs sell.

Think of yourself as a professional promoter. It is your job to hand out information to as many people as possible about a very exciting business opportunity or product. That’s it.

YOUR ONLY JOB is to get out marketing tools to as many people as possible because it’s these marketing tools that do the selling for you.

Whether it’s a website, e-book, CD, brochure, or DVD movie... They contain your presentation. They do all of the legwork for you. Gone are the days when you have to know anything and everything about your product or business, and sit down for an hour across from someone at Denny’s to “show the plan.”

The tools will sell the business and the product. You simply need to worry about selling yourself as a leader.

Listen, you could take a 50-year-old, fifth generation farmer and put him to work in the field with some hand tools, or you could take a kid from New York, and stick him in a tractor. Who will be able to harvest the bigger crop?

The kid from New York! It wasn’t his lifetime of experience that gave him the edge. It was his tools.

Let the marketing tools do the sorting and selling for you.

Don’t waste your time with the people who don’t get it. Don’t wonder why your best friend or next door neighbor didn’t see the same opportunity you did. That is not your concern. Your concern is giving them the opportunity to simply say yes or no.

All you are doing with each new person you expose to your business or product is creating the opportunity for something good to happen. The more opportunities you create, the more success you will have.

To Your Success~
Monique Bradford~ The WifeyMommyPreneur! xoxo

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