Appreciate Your Man! Or... "Hello Sideline!"


You've heard the old saying, "What you won't do, someone else will!"  Well it's true!

Never make the mistake of thinking that your coochie is golden and that's all it takes to keep your man faithful.  Coochie is everywhere!  What else are you bringing to the table to keep your man close to home?  

Believe it or not.... There are always gonna be other women, with no problem being the woman on the side, trying to steal YOUR man!  You may be saying...  "Yeah right!  Not my man!"  Yes!  YOUR man!  Don't believe me?  The next time you're out with YOUR man pay attention to the way other women treat him and how he responds.  If he's laughing and having a good time with another woman and you know that you two don't ever seem to connect like that...  Watch out!  Especially if she's the man stealing type.  She will sense that something is wrong in your relationship and make sure that she has him laughing all night!  That's why you have to be on top of your game and make sure that you are and always will be the woman that's got his full attention.      

I remember years ago, being out with my husband.... We took a long walk from our apartment after I had given birth to our daughter to get some exercise.  I had on my exercise pants, a t-shirt and my running shoes.  I had my daughter in the stroller and we were getting a good workout in.

We were passing my husbands bank and decided we should go in since he had a deposit to make anyhow.  Well, while we were in line, one of the girls that worked at the bank gave me the most vindictive look.  She looked at me, then she looked at the stroller and then right at my husband.  It was like she was analyzing us and hated that we were together.  Immediately my home-wrecker radar started to go off.  

My husband had a bright idea that we could just make the deposit through the ATM.  He wanted to try out the service, since he had never done it before.  He spoke to one of the guys that open new accounts about it and they told him that he could do it at the ATM outside.  I was glad because I was tired of getting the evil eye from little Miss Bank Teller. 

So we're at the ATM making our deposit and Little Miss Bank Teller actually comes outside in her 5 inch heels with the tightest little dress on and a gorgeous body!  She totally ignores me and walks right up to my husband and says, "Is everything okay?  Do you need any help with your ATM deposit?"  He looked at her and said, "Awww.  Thank you, but I've got it."  He totally ignors how hot this girl is.  Meanwhile I'm baffled!  She then gave me a piercing look and then looked back at him and said, "No problem sweetheart."  And walked away.  

I was pissed!  I felt so disrespected by this woman.  But, such as life.  I had seen this before.  I'm not new to this... I'm true to this!  Little did she know, I had my husband on lock and I still do!  I aim to please and he knows that I appreciate him.  And that's exactly why he ignored her ass!  lol  

My husband is an entertainer.  There are times when he has to travel.  I have actually had women come up to me that have traveled with him and ask, "What do you do to keep him faithful?  Girl, there were so many groupies after him and he was ducking and dodging all of them."  The answer is this....  

Not only am I a lady in the streets and a freak in the sheets for my man... But I also treat him like a freaking KING!  I massage my mans feet, I make sure to listen to him when he's talking and laugh at his jokes and joke back.  I make him coffee and breakfast EVERY morning, lunch and dinner every night and when he's in his studio writing and recording... I make sure that respect that by giving him some space and not bothering him.  I play the role of a woman and let him be a man.  I am his homie, lover, and friend.  Do we fight?  Of course... but we always end it with great make-up sex!  :) There is no room in his life for another woman.  And he let's me know how much he appreciates me by being faithful!  

My words of wisdom: Never take your man for granted.  You know what things are important to your man.  Cater to his needs.  Or someone else will~  

Relationship Tip: 

Make your Man feel appreciated. In studies about why men cheat on their wives, it was found that the reason isn't sex or attraction; it's usually that they feel emotionally disconnected from their wives because they feel unappreciated, and they're drawn to other women who make them feel appreciated.

Always wishing you success in Love and Life!

Monique~  The WifeyMommyPreneur  *Xoxo


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