Is Thanksgiving A Pagan Holiday?

Here I go again...  being the party pooper.  But somebody has got to tell the TRUTH!  I shared the truth about Holloween being a pagan holiday with all of my Facebook friends on Holloween.  I didn't post it on my blog, but I will so that you can check that out.   

Now, let's get into the true meaning of Thanksgiving.  Lord knows I love Turkey, Ham, Greens, Dressing, Cranberry Sauce, Gravy, Pie, Macarroni and Cheese and all that GOOD stuff!  But why do we make all this good food on this particular day and celebrate "Thanksgiving"?  Have you ever wondered?

I know you heard the story in school about the pilgrims and the indians and all that.....  blah, blah, blah... I don't even want to go into it.  But have you ever researched it on your own?  We all know you can't just take everything you hear and believe it.  So why do we think everything we learned in school is 100% true or not go deeper to find out the whole story?  

It reminds me of all of the people on Facebook that were sending out the message about Facebook charging people a fee for their account.  I was so tired to seeing the posts and I could not believe how many people were just blindly spreading the message without doing a lick of research.  That's pretty scary if you ask me!

Anyhow, one of my Youtube friends put up 2 good videos about the true pagan meaning of Thanksgiving... and like I said, don't even just take her word for it... do your own research to find out for yourself!  That is if you care enough to do so.  

Wishing you success in Love and Life, 
Mo~  *Mo'Love* ~The WifeyMommyPreneur  Xoxo


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