Homeschool Days: Still Learning Sight Words

Today was one of my good days.  I breezed through my daughters lessons with her and redecorated her room to look more like a classroom.  It is awesome!  It puts both of us in the mood to learn.

I've been focusing on teaching Lyrical all of her sight words for the past month and she is having so much fun learning to read.  It is very exciting!  :) 

I take a lot of breaks from our lessons during the day.  While I handle other important business during the day I have found youtube to be very helpful in keeping her occupied while reinforcing everything that I taught her before break time.

You can find just about anything on youtube and when it comes to children's learning videos... there are an abundance of them!  Below are some really good ones I found today on 1st grade sight words.

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"I love the song in this video!  The beat is jammin'!"

"Bouncy Flash Cards"

"This was very repetitive, but good"

"Top it off with a nice story :)"

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