Long time no blog….

I haven't blogged since last year and I am still getting comments and e-mails on a daily basis from people reading my older posts!  I figure it's time to update y'all.  :)

I've been so busy with working, being wifey, being mommy and being "prenur" (somewhat and literally all at the same time), that I haven't had much time at all to even be online.

And I'm adjusting to moving down South…

YES…  I am now living in Louisiana!  Big change from California.  Still adjusting…  and just when I think I've gotten comfortable I have to make yet another adjustment.  Totally different Y'all.  Totally different…  I do love that I get to say "Y'all" on a regular basis though, and no one looks at you like you're crazy and being to laid back.  :)

I just recently re-connected with my Facebook friends and family and I started an Instagram, aka "IG".  You can connect with me there @MoLove_WhatTheWorldNeedsNow if you have an IG account. :)

Here's a snapshot of my profile page…

Yep!  #Selfies and all… I'm on there.  lol

Anyhow… Life is good, life is busier that ever for me and I'm sort of just rolling with the punches.  I've been running a restaurant as a General Manager for over a year now and it has been no easy assignment, but it is very rewarding and educating, and nerve wrecking, and time consuming and fun, and crazy all at the same time.  I have and am still learning SO much about team work and leadership.  It is absolutely amazing.

My daughter, Lyrical…

is in public school now and she is doing well.  Straight A's and 2 B's on her last report card!  And boy was she upset about those 2 B's.  Thank God for that!  She is the sweetest child!  It was extremely difficult for me to adjust to her being in public school, but she is learning so much.  Not only academically, but she's also learning life lessons.

I recently had her start writing a daily journal.  This way she can express her feelings freely and I will have some insight on what's going on in her day to day life without Mommy!

My husband and I are still in love. :)  We have been growing together spiritually lately.  We've been praying together and communicating better than ever.  I recently got back into the world of romance by starting a My Pure Pleasure business.  Am I excited about it?  Yes!  Is my husband excited about it?  What do you think?!  :)  More to come on that stuff in future posts.

All-in-all things are well.  I plan on blogging more often and posting more videos on youtube on a regular basis again.  I'm looking forward to all of your lovely comments!  :)

Until next time…

Always wishing you Love, Peace and Many Blessings,

Monique Bradford ~aka~ Mo'Love  ~The WifeyMommyPreneur


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