How to De-Stress as A Stay-At-Home Mom

Being a stay at home mom may sound like an easy job. Truth is, it can be hard and stressful...believe me I know! It's a full time job, even if you're not a stay at home mom. But through all the runny noses, wooden blocks thrown everywhere, and yup even toothpaste on the's worth it all.
Here are some helpful tips on how to de-stress your day as a Stay-At-Home Mom!  :)


  1. Dress Up, wake up early to get ready for the day wear something comfortable that will make you feel good about yourself, even if all you do is stay home. If you need to go anywhere you're ready to go. Looking frumpy will only make you feel frumpy.

  2. Exercise, it will make you feel better and give you more energy for chasing around your little one. Whether you go for a ten minute walk around the block, do yoga or simply stretch it will help you to de-stress.

  3. Take Pictures, they don't have to be perfect pictures. The best pictures are snapped when your kids are not even looking at the camera. who knows maybe you can start a scrapbook about how curious your kids were when they were small. I take my camera everywhere, snap pictures then go back and see them and realize i took some good ones.

  4. Put your kids on a schedule, that way they know what time they're supposed to go to sleep each night. This will give you time to take a warm bath and take some time for yourself before you go to sleep.
Always wishing you Health, Wealth and Wisdom~
Monique Bradford - The WifeyMommyPreneur~ 


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