Tink - Fiddle And Fix

I hope to inspire you with this story....

I'm woke up early this morning.  I stepped out onto the back patio with my cup of Joe and listened to the wonderful sounds of nature.  The birds chirping, the roosters crowing and all of the neighbors dogs barking.  I gave praise to God as I took it all in.

I have had a wild, yet prosperous year so far.  My family and I decided to trade in the fast city life in Los Angeles, California for quiet country living further up in Northern California.  I absolutely love it!  We are living in our dream home and are able to enjoy a much more peaceful life outside of the city and yet still be able to go down below when business calls.

You're probably wondering why I named this blog post "Tink - Fiddle And Fix"...  Well, because we just moved into our new home, our washer and dryer hasn't arrived yet.  I have been wanting to wash clothes and this morning a solution to my problem popped into my head.  Now, I could always use my girlfriends washer and dryer; she's just right around the corner.  But me being so darn independent; I like to do things on my own. 

Because I used to run a lingerie business, I still have my clothes racks.  I figure that I'll take it waaaay back and wash my clothes by hand and then, set up my rack outside in my new huge backyard, put my clothes on hangers and hang them to dry.  You may be thinking, "That is just way too much work!"  But to me it's absolutely genius and a great way to spend my Saturday!  I came up with a solution to my problem.  I'll have clean clothes and I'll also get to show my daughter, yet again, that there is more than one way to skin a cat!  =)

With all of that said, just like Tinkerbell, I found a way to fiddle and fix my clothes situation. We are all born to be creative and a good friend once told me, "Creativity is born of a spark."  Don't let your creative genius go to waste.  If you have a problem, there is always a solution.  Don't focus on your problem, just know that it will be resolved. Tune in to your inner "Tink" and "Fiddle and Fix" your situation.

Wishing you all a blessed and prosperous life!
Monique Bradford~ The WifeyMommyPreneur

P.S. As I was on my way to get my clothes rack this morning, I happened to step over a "Tinkerbell, Fiddle and Fix" sticker that my daughter left on the floor.  The picture of Tinkerbell at the beginning of this post is the exactly the same as the sticker.  I couldn't help but title this blog post, "Tink - Fiddle And Fix."  It just felt so right.  =)


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