The Clean Up Woman

Are you making it easy for your man to be snatched up by the cleanup woman?

Who is the cleanup woman you say?  Well according to one of my favorite old-school singers, "The cleanup woman is a woman who get's all the love you girls leave behind." ~Betty Wright

Are you rejecting you husband when he wants to get busy?  When your man tells you he's hungry, do you tell him to fend for himself (most of or ALL of the time)?  Are you walking around like your stuff doesn't stink and he'd better be lucky he has you?  Are you too busy to hang out with him, listen to him, talk to him or even touch him?  Well guess what?... Your man is OPEN GAME to the cleanup woman!

Just like us women, men have needs too.  Sure, we are all queens of our castles and every queen has a KING.  Treat him as such.  There are plenty of women that would love to get a hold of your man and have no problem meeting his needs, whether they be physical, mental or emotional.  And they are even willing to meet his needs while he is still with you.  And these women are the cleanup women!

And don't let your man be successful!  This makes him a target for most cleanup women looking to lick the wounds of a neglected man.  But whether a millionaire or your average Joe, there is always another woman on the sideline who is more than willing to do what you won't! 

Listen to the lyrics of this song, take notes and if you care about your man and your marriage, make sure the only one doing the cleaning up is you!  This is a video of Betty Wright performing "Clean Up Woman" Live.  Love it!   

Always wishing you success in Love and Life,

Monique Bradford~  The WifeyMommyPreneur


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