Woman Crush Wednesday: Work Life Balance Google Hangout Replay with The Winning Women Network

It's Woman Crush Wednesday and I am so crushing on these women and their success in their online businesses!
I was invited to a google hangout with The Winning Women Network by one of my Facebook friends, LuSundra Gass Everett.  LuSundra is a member of The Winning Women Network which is a group of dynamic women who, from what I see, are making a killing online selling items on e-bay.  The killer is, these ladies DO NOT have the items they are selling sitting at home or have some huge inventory of items.  They are selling items from other websites, like Amazon by simply copying and pasting!  You can learn more about The Winning Women Network HERE.

I, myself am not affiliated with The Winning Women Network, except for the fact that I am a Winning Woman!  :)  I do, on the other hand, recommend you check out what they have going on and see if this is a fit for you when searching for way to make money online.

You will be introduced to their business at the beginning of the google hangout replay and if you are interested in getting started, get in touch with LuSundra HERE.  You can also visit her website http://workwithlusundra.com She is seasoned in this business and you always want a good leader to show you the way when starting something new.  Here is a screenshot of what one of the members of her team sent her on Facebook...  

LuSundra also shares her tips on getting things done in the hangout video replay, so she is the real deal.
With all of that said, besides sharing their opportunity with you, the women in this hangout share some AWESOME work life balance tips.  What I love about it, is the fact that all of these women have families, some of them work full-time or part-time and they all do it while running a successful online business.

Take heed to these Super Women!  They are getting things done!  ROLL THAT CLIP!!

Always wishing you Peace, Prosperity and Many Blessings!
Monique Bradford~ The WifeyMommyPreneur

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