Want Some Social Media Love For Your Business? You've Got To Give It To Get It!

It's true that money can't buy you Love.  And that is especially true when it comes to Social Media. In order to get love, you've got to give it!  

You've got to remember that the majority of people on Facebook, and Twitter are regular everyday people. Weather they're working a 9-to-5 or running their own business, we all have something in common:  We've got family, friends, neighbors, problems, issues, opinions, beliefs, hobbies, interests, etc...

What does your company have to offer your these normal people that you have befriended on theses social media networks?  Who is your audience?  Who are your potential clients?  How many of your "friends" can you possibly convert into paying customers?  

Here's how you show Love on Social Media.  Remember... you reap what you sow!

Social Media Love!

L.ISTEN - Listen to what other people are discussing on Social Media places like Facebook,            Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogs, etc.

O.BSERVE - Observe the patterns.  Are they talking about your brand?  Is it in a positive sentiment?  Observe the norms of each network.

V.OICE - Raise your voice and start talking when appropriate.  Use what you have observed, as conversation openers.

E.NGAGE - Extend the conversation by deeply engaging with your audience.  Give feedback and help people to solve problems.

Pretty simple right?

Always wishing you success in Love and Life,
Monique Bradford


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