Heartbeat Radio: Battle Of The Sexes

What started as a movement assuring women’s equal rights has turned into a cruel trick. Enticing promises of freedom from oppression were nothing but a tease targeting disillusioned bystanders. Millions of people have fallen prey with little or no idea as to what hit them. As in all things, time did tell.

Now, years later, Feminism has produced disturbing consequences. Detrimental role reversal has yielded a society of soft men and hard women. What’s to be done with a nation in an identity crisis?

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Find out who has suffered most from Feminism
How to reverse backwards role-reversal
Discover your God-given identity
Pick dysfunctional relationships up off of the ground

**I'm listening to this right now!  So Good!!  I'm such a Dani Johnson FAN!!**  :)


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