Being Wifey and Mommy sometimes leaves no time to be entrepreneur.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am an extremely driven person.  I can be a workaholic if you let me.

No two people know this more than my husband and my daughter.  

Since I have started working from home so much has changed for me.

I went from working 50 to 60 hours a week, problem solving and meeting multiple deadlines and managing 15 + employees to full time wife and mother with an internet and a couple of direct marketing businesses on the side.

The reason I say that my businesses are on the side is because I feel like I have no time outside of my roles as wife and mother to put into my online or direct marketing businesses.  Even as I am writing this my daughter stopped me several times.

Now I'm grateful to be able to be home withy family.  I just love to be busy at work.  Interacting with lots of people and being challenged in the workplace.  

I am also a very competitive person.  I love to compete.  But even more than loving to compete,  I love to win.

So now I am challenged with working to find a balance between entrepreneurship and family. 

And I am determined to win.  Both as wife, mommy and business owner.  I can do it!!

And I'll be sure to keep you all updated. :)

Always wishing you Love, Peace, Prosperity and Many Blessings,

Monique Bradford ~The WifeyMommyPreneur 


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