Cold Calling Scripts To Gain New Avon Customers and Recruits

The following content is from  This is some great information on cold calling to build your Avon business.  She also includes some phone scripts.  Enjoy and happy business building!

Monique Bradford ~ The WifeyMommyPreneur

Cold Calling Script and Tips:
Things to consider…
Your Title:  Most people recognize immediately what an “Avon Independent Sales Representative” or an “Avon Representative” is.  Some people may be confused if you introduce yourself as anything else such as “Avon Certified Beauty Advisor,” “Avon Leadership Representative,” etc.  Use your own judgment regarding which title you use to introduce yourself.  You can always work in other titles later in the conversation.
Their Phone Number:  Some people will want to know how you got their phone number.  Be prepared to tell them and be honest.  Whether you obtained it from a marketing list, the Internet, or the phone book, let them know if they ask.
Rudeness: Your calling them at home may put off some people.  Apologize and be kind.  Assure them you will remove them from your marketing list.
Personality:  Everyone has a different personality.  In my opinion, no single calling script will be successful for every person you telephone.  Be prepared to move totally away from the script and chitchat.  Remember first and foremost, you are making a sales call.  You are calling to obtain a customer or a recruit.  Sometimes being direct works, sometimes it is necessary to beat around the bush.
Males vs. Females:  If a male answers the telephone and you ask to speak to the female of the home, consider the different situations and how you might deal with each situation:  a) There is a female of the home to talk to, b) there is more than one female of the home to talk to, c) there is no female of the home to talk to, d) the male recognizes immediately it is a marketing call and protects the female of the home from putting up with it by saying there isn’t a female of the home.  If a male answers, consider instead, giving him your marketing pitch.  Tell him Avon has several products suited for men, including some award winning colognes.  If he shows no interest, ask him if there is a lady in the home who might be interested in receiving the current free Avon catalog.
Catalogs vs. Brochures:  While Avon refers to their “catalogs” as brochures, most of my customers call them catalogs.  I have confused customers more than once by referring to them as Avon brochures.  I think people more readily identify with the word “catalog” as printed material of products for sale, rather than the word “brochure,” which is often thought of as something that just contains information.  “Catalog shopping” has the connotation of shopping through a printed book of products with product info and prices, which is what our customers do.  Consider referring to the Avon brochures as “Avon catalogs” in your sales calls to avoid confusion. 
Recruiting:  If your calls are going to be in hopes of recruiting, have your answers ready to refute any excuses for not wanting to sell Avon.  Examples:
I already work full-time:  Avon is a great supplemental income, and it’s fun.  Selling Avon is even easier if you work because you can sell to your coworkers; therefore, you already have an established potential customer base.  Since you make your own hours, it doesn’t have to interfere with your current job.
I cannot afford to pay to start a business:  The startup fee is only $10.00 and that includes everything you need to get your business off the ground and take your first orders.  You can pay the $10.00 from the commission off of your first order, if you choose, so you won’t have to pay anything out of pocket to get this going.
I’m a stay-at-home mom and don’t have the time:  Avon is a great business for moms who aren’t in the workforce!  Remember, you only devote as much time as you want.  You’ll be earning your own money, and if you want, turn the business into a family event.  Children can help you bag orders, stamp the backs of catalogs, and even go with you to deliver orders.  Plus, all your “mom” contacts can be your customers.  If your children are too young to assist, you can take advantage of their nap times to get work done and earn money with Avon.
I don’t know whom I could sell to:  One of the greatest perks of being an Avon Rep is being able to meet so many new people, especially in your own neighborhood.  Delivering free catalogs to your neighborhood is a great way to meet your neighbors and earn customers.  If there is a local market or beauty salon, or even a local vet or pet groomer, ask if you can leave a pile of your books on their counter for their customers. 
I’m just too busy:  Selling Avon is done on your terms.  Whether it’s a couple hours per week, or several hours per week, you can earn money selling Avon, and its fun!  You aren’t committed to continue selling if you try it and find you cannot fit it into your current schedule.
Script Ideas
Obtaining Customers and/or Recruits.
YOU:  Hi, my name is NAME and I’m an Avon Independent Sales Representative.  I’m looking for men or women who would be interested in purchasing Avon products or selling them part-time or full-time. 
(PAUSE – See if the person responds and initiates conversation.)
If there is no response, YOU:  “ Do you currently have an Avon Representative?"
If yes, thank the person for his or her time and ask if they would like your contact information in case their current representative no longer becomes available.
If no, YOU:  “I’m a Representative who covers your neighborhood.  Would you like to receive a free Avon catalog?  Or, would you be interested in learning how to become an Avon Representative?”
(PAUSE – Wait for answer.)
If the person isn’t interested, thank them for their time.  If the person wants a free catalog, let them know when you’ll be dropping it off and stay true to your word of when it will arrive – make sure you verify their name/addressConsider following up with the person a few days after you deliver the catalog to see if they have an order or any questions.  If they don’t have an order, ask if they would like to continue receiving the catalogs.  Ask if they have any friends who might be interested in receiving catalogs.
Hello.  My name is **** and I am an Independent Avon Representative in your area/ neighborhood looking to offer services.  Today, I am taking a short survey and for your time you will be entered into a raffle to win a beautiful, gift basket filled with Avon products.  Would it be okay if I could ask you a few questions?  Yes, :) Wonderful!
(This is optional to ask but I think it is the right thing to do.  Usually they say 'yes' or 'sure').
Have you ever used Avon products before?  If so, which ones?
Were you pleased with the quality of the products and service
you received?
If not, what happened?
Do you currently have a representative servicing you?
If yes, then this is terrific. 
If no, ask.... Would you like to see a current Avon brochure and samples?  I would be happy to provide you with service.
Lastly, would you be interested in learning more about the Avon earning opportunity? 
If yes, say  "I am going to be in your area on Monday, and Tuesday  (of course you can say next week and pick the days)
Would mornings or afternoons be a good time to show you what Avon has to offer?  And for your time, I will also bring you a free gift." ;) There is no obligation whatsoever!
If the answer is no and the customer doesn't want services, brochure, extra money or a discount....
Thank them for their time and say, " Have a nice day."
Alternate Opening Lines.
Once you get the hang of making marketing calls, you’ll be able to judge the person’s current mood merely by how they answer the phone and noise in the background.  This applies to marketing calls for any purpose or product.  Listen to the tone of the person’s voice when they answer.  Do they sound cheery, stressed, sick with a cold, hurried, irritated?  In the background is there silence, television, screaming kids, dogs barking, pet birds chirping?  Adjust your own tone and personality to the situation.  For example, if a woman answers that sounds a little stressed and there are kids making noise in the background, get to the point quickly and empathize with her.  For example:  “Hi, I’m NAME, I’m an Avon Representative.  I can hear kids in the background, it sounds like you could use some Avon pampering!  Do you currently have an Avon Rep, or would you be interested in a free Avon catalog?” 
On the other hand, if a woman answers and there is a dog barking in the background, you might try this:  “Hi, I’m NAME, I’m an Avon Independent Sales Representative.  I can hear your dog barking in the background, I have one too.  While we don’t sell products specifically for pets yet, I’d love to introduce you to Avon products to pamper yourself with if you don’t already have an Avon Rep.”
Other Openers:
“Hi, my name is NAME and I’m an Avon Independent Sales Representative.  I was informed by (NAME) that you might be interested in selling Avon, or in purchasing Avon products.”
“Hi, my name is NAME and I’m an Avon Independent Sales Representative.  I received your telephone number from a list that indicated you might be interested in selling Avon, or perhaps in purchasing Avon if you don’t already have an Avon Rep.”
(Cheery voice implying truth in the call)  “Hi, my name is NAME and I’m an Avon Independent Sales Representative.  I’m trying to expand my customer base, so I’m calling people to bug them in order to find out if they already have an Avon Rep or not.  Do you currently have an Avon Rep, or would you be interested in receiving the current Avon catalog?”
“Hi, my name is NAME and I’m an Avon Independent Sales Representative.  I’m doing marketing calls today because I’m in a good mood and I’m trying to expand my customer base.  I’d really love your business if you don’t already have an Avon Rep.”
“Hi, my name is NAME and I’m an Avon Independent Sales Representative who has customers in your area.  I’m working on expanding my customer base in your neighborhood, do you already have an Avon Rep.?”
“Hi, my name is NAME and I’m an Avon Independent Sales Representative.  It’s your lucky day because I’m seeking new customers and decided to call you.  Do you currently have an Avon Rep?”
Answering Machines.
Consider leaving a message on the answering machine, keep it short and sweet, and speak clearly.  Example:  “Hello, my name is NAME, I’m an Avon Independent Sales Representative.  I’m just calling to see if you might be interested in learning more about selling Avon.  Or, if you don’t already have an Avon Representative, if you would like to receive the current free Avon catalog.  I may be reached at NUMBER, and again, my name is NAME.  Thanks.
Selling the Fund-Raiser idea.
In the Avon Fund-Raising materials (available on-line in the “earning opportunities” tab), there are several ideas on selling Avon Fund-Raisers, so I will not go into detail here.  However, remember that it is important to speak to the person who will be in charge of the fund-raiser.  Call the organization and ask specifically who handles the fund-raisers for the organization.  If you are targeting a school and know that the sixth graders go to camp every year, ask specifically who handles the fund-raising for the sixth grade camping field trip.  If you are targeting a church and know that they do a fund-raiser for a weekend skiing trip, ask specifically who handles the fund-raising for that trip.  The object is to get directly to the person who is in charge.


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