We are done with chicken nuggets!

My daughter has decided that the chicken nuggets she ate today would be her very last.  And I'm all for it!

The family and I decided to pay a trip to Wendy's today for lunch.  I love their chive potatoes and chili.  My daughter got the spicy chicken nuggets and fries and my hubby got his usual burger and fries.

As we were eating our meals my daughter was telling me about the chicken nuggets she had been given last year when she was in public school.  Which she hated by the way, she begged me to homeschool her this year like she has been since Kindergarden and I agreed.  As most of you already know.  :)

She said that when when she bit into the nuggets at school the meat was pink.  She said it was so gross that she wouldn't eat it.  She would eat everything else on the plate except the chicken nuggets and tell the teachers that she was finished.

She asked me what that pink stuff was.  And immediately I thought about the picture below that has been circulating on the internet for a long while now....

I'm sure most of you have seen it.  I was grossed out by it when I saw it.  It's the mechanically separated meat that has been chemically treated with chlorine and is supposed to be safe for human consumption.

I told her that I really didn't want to talk about it while we were eating, but we could research it together once we were done eating.

Before I could even get to my laptop after we were done my daughter had already googled "what is the pink stuff in the chicken nuggets at school" and had the pictures and videos pulled up on her desktop.

We started watching all kinds of videos about the chemicals in our food and needless to say, we were both grossed out and very concerned about our health.

Below are the videos we watch in order.  Brace yourself people.  Pretty gross....

Welp.  I'm sure you're pretty concerned yourself after watching these videos.  There are many more videos like this all over youtube if you want to do some more research yourself.

I have decided to make it my mission to make wise decisions when it comes to food for me and my family.  I will be going to Trader Joe's this week to do some shopping and will be making lot's of changes to our diets.  I'll be sure to share the journey with you all.

As always... Wishing you Love, Peace, Prosperity and Many Blessings!

Monique Bradford ~ The WifeyMommyPreneur  


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