In Business: Excuses, Excuses! What Entrepreneurs Really Mean.

I just read a very entertaining article on, written by Stephanie Kaplan.  The title of the article is: The Secret Language Of Entrepreneurs: Entrepreneurese 101.  In the article Stephanie breaks down or decodes what entrepreneurs really mean when they say they things like, "Let's reschedule this for another time." or my absolute favorite, "I'm really swamped right now."

Here are a few straight from the article:

"Let's reschedule this for another time: I don't want to talk or meet with you and am trying to push it off as far as possible.
This week is crazy for a call, so why don't you just shoot me some ideas via email?:You are not worth taking the time for a phone call.
How's 5pm for our call/meeting?: Meeting/talking with you is not worth taking time out of my workday for."
As an entrepreneur myself, I know for a fact that we have a certain way of talking.  We tend to be people pleasers, because without the people we would essentially have no business.  We don't like to burn bridges and we never want to seem like we have no idea what we're doing.  We are all experts in our fields and everything is always A-OK! (Yeah, right!)

I can totally relate to this article and it actually made me laugh out loud!  You know what!?  I'm really swamped right now, so let me just go ahead and leave the link to the article for you to read it yourself!

Always wishing you Mo'Love, Mo'Peace and Mo'Money!

Monique Bradford  ~The WifeyMommyPreneur  




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