Marriage: Hey Baby... Are You "Happily" Married?

Being that I am a stay-at-home WifeyMommyPreneur, I spend a lot of time on Facebook and Twitter.  Mostly Facebook.  I have to admit that I am one of the people that actually replies to my IM's.  I feel bad if I don't at least say hello to one of my FB friends when they IM me.

Every now and then I will get a guy Instant Messaging me, asking, how my day is going, and what I do for a living.  Of course since I am an affiliate marketer I like to network with different people, so I entertain their seemingly innocent questions.  Then all of a sudden they start going into how they like the things that I post and how I'm so beautiful and finally they hit me with, "are you happily married?"  What?!  Are you not reading what I just posted about how much my husband rocks my world!?  How disrespectful!

But really, how can you blame them...  Yeah, you would think that being married would mean you're off limits and OFF THE MARKET, but it seems to me that dating a married man or woman is not unusual in the world we live in today.  I guess if you're not "happily" married then it's okay to step out and find someone that will make you happy.  What is the point of marriage if that's the way it goes?  Why not just stay single or get a divorce if you can't stay faithful?  

It really mind boggles me that people actually go through with a whole ceremony and say "I do" to all of the vows before God and then, when something is not going their way, they step out on their marriage.  That to me is just totally selfish, ESPECIALLY if you have children.

It's time to grow up people and honor your vows.  Whatever is going on in your marriage that has got you upset, can't be that bad... unless of course there is some abuse going on, of any kind!  If not, then you can work it out.  It's all about communication.  If you are having a problem... communicate it to your spouse, don't just sit there miserable and get so fed up that you feel the need to find someone else.  If you have to seek counseling.  Do whatever you have to do to fix what's wrong.  Isn't your marriage and family worth it?

And to all of you married people that are not listening to your spouse when they say they're having a problem, thinking that you have everything locked down... You better know that there is someone else ready and willing to fill the void.  They have no problem being that man or woman on the sideline, asking... "Are you happily married?"

To your success in Love and Life!

Monique Bradford ~The WifeyMommyPreneur


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